Most training professionals are STRUGGLING

89% of training professionals trying to grow their business end up stuck for weeks, months, even years, dealing with:

Losing Potential Clients: Chasing after clients everywhere but failing to build a consistent client base.
Dated Course Offerings: Falling behind competitors with outdated and uninspiring course offerings.
Low Training Quality: Delivering subpar training that doesn't meet client expectations or standards.
Limited Market Reach: Feeling stuck in your current market and unable to expand to new territories.
Weak Branding: Lacking a strong, recognizable brand that sets you apart from the competition.
Tech Overwhelm: Struggling to adapt to new technologies that could enhance your training programs.
Narrow Revenue Streams: Relying on a single income source and risking business stability.
Ineffective Marketing: Launching marketing campaigns that fail to attract and retain clients.
Poor Client Relationships: Losing clients due to weak relationship management.
Lack of Industry Recognition: Remaining unrecognized and undervalued in your industry.

Training professionals often find themselves:

✔︎ Exhausted and Overworked: Drained, exhausted, out of time, and spread too thin.
✔︎ Battling Changing Trends: Dealing with the constantly changing industry trends and best practices.
✔︎ Struggling to Stand Out: Fighting to build brand awareness in a crowded market.
✔︎ Compromising on Quality: Sacrificing training quality while trying to manage costs.
✔︎ Scaling Challenges: Facing complexities in scaling operations while maintaining quality.

✔︎ Financial Strain: Worried about skyrocketing costs and financial stability.
✔︎ Ineffective Marketing Efforts: Spending days creating marketing content that gets some views but no results.
✔︎ Stuck on Ineffective Tactics: Trying every "hack" and tactic but seeing little or no improvement.
✔︎ Losing Client Engagement: Finding it hard to keep clients engaged and motivated throughout the training.
✔︎ Unrecognized Efforts: Feeling undervalued despite hard work and dedication.

Introducing the "Training Business Blueprint":

A 90-Day Group Coaching Cohort for Women

Join a supportive community of like-minded women and transform your training business in just 90 days. This exclusive opportunity is available for only 7 women from non-competing industries. The "Training Business Blueprint" is designed specifically for women looking to:
➔ Expand Client Base
➔ Enhance Courses
➔ Improve Training Quality
➔ Expand Market Reach
➔ Build a Strong Brand
➔ Leverage Technology
➔ Increase Revenue Streams
➔ Develop Effective Marketing
➔ Foster Strong Client Relationships
➔ Gain Industry Recognition

Structure, Serve, Scale!

With our comprehensive program, you'll gain access to:

Proven Best Practices:
Benefit from the expertise of an accredited training provider and implement industry-leading strategies to maximize your success.

Done for You Templates:
Save time and effort with ready-to-use templates for training design, delivery, and more!

Accredited Insights:
Leverage the latest industry insights and standards to ensure your training business is at the forefront of excellence.

Tailored Guidance:
Receive personalized guidance and support to address your unique challenges and goals, empowering you to achieve remarkable results.


Enrollments open NOW (3/7 spots available)

This group coaching cohort is NOT for you if…

● You're unwilling to invest the time and effort required to transform your training business.
● You're not open to receiving constructive feedback and implementing changes to elevate your training business.
● Not willing to invest in yourself
● You're not willing to actively participate in group coaching sessions and engage with your peers to maximize your learning experience.

Every group coaching session is recorded in its entirety and will be accessible to all participants.  

What's on the agenda?

Here's a quick rundown:

🎓 Week 1

Setting the Foundation: Learn the fundamentals of growing a structured training business.


🎓 Week 2:

Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Define and refine what makes your training services unique and valuable.


🎓 Week 3

Improving Training Quality: Ensure your training programs are effective and engaging.


🎓 Week 4

Effective Delivery Methods: Delve into various training delivery methods and how to choose and optimize them based on your audience


🎓 Week 5

Building a Strong Brand: Establish a reputable and recognizable brand in the training industry.


 🎓 Week 6

Marketing Strategies for Training Providers: Develop effective marketing strategies specifically tailored for promoting training services.


🎓 Week 7

Pricing Strategies:  Learn how to set and adjust pricing to match the value provided and market demand without underselling your services.


🎓 Week 8

Technology Integration: You will learn how to effectively integrate technology to enhance training delivery, management, and client interaction


🎓 Week 9

Operational Efficiency: You will learn about streamlining operations through process improvement and automation.


🎓 Week 10

Personal Branding and Authority Building: We will explore how to establish yourself as a thought leader and authority in your niche.


🎓 Week 11

Overcoming Common Challenges Address common pain points in growing your training business and explore strategies to overcome them.


🎓 Week 12

Scaling Your Business: Learn proven strategies for expanding your reach and increasing your training business revenue

Rave Reviews From Happy Participants

Mrs. A's coaching program has truly transformed my journey in launching a preschool tutoring center. Her strategic approach meticulously covers every aspect, from curriculum development to operational logistics.

Her attention to detail is unmatched; she ensures that every element is carefully planned and executed flawlessly. Mrs. A is always there to listen and customize her guidance to my specific needs.

Her expertise in early childhood education is outstanding, and she effortlessly translates that into actionable strategies. Thanks to Mrs. A's coaching, I've confidently overcome challenges and witnessed tangible results in my center's programs.

Joining Mrs. A's coaching program has been instrumental in my personal growth and entrepreneurial success!"

Yvenka Quettant-Thomas

Owner and Founder, Every Little Step Academy

Attending Mrs. Alicia's workshops was a game-changer for me. Her focus on designing and structuring training was truly enlightening. Mrs. Alicia's expertise and success as a trainer are remarkable. Her workshop exceeded my expectations and left me feeling more prepared than ever to elevate my training endeavors to new heights.

Kasha Deese

Owner and Founder, Empower Life Coaching

Start date: August 6, 2024.

Registration deadline is July 7th.

Unlock new opportunities and overcome challenges today!
Join the "Training Business Blueprint" now and start your journey to success!